Hi, I’m Christin! Thanks for checking me out. I am a (temporary?) SAHM of 3 (two school-aged and one infant… reset button anyone?), a nature lover, multi-sport enthusiast, foodie, and midwest transplant currently living in Silicon Valley.


I started this blog for a couple of reasons…

One, I spend so much time researching places to adventure with the family. This area is ripe for exploring with it’s beautiful weather and landscape, but finding the perfect characteristics for a mixed-age family is important and time consuming. So, I want to share my knowledge with others so that you too may get outside and be amazed and watch the wonder of the majestic woods, mountains, oceans come over your little ones.

Two, and a little more on the personal level to which I’m hoping you can relate, as a SAHM, I feel like the work I do is not “real” because I’m not getting paid. But I know it’s vital for the survival, happiness, stress-relief, health of my family. And it’s important to me that it be validated. And so, I will memorialize what I’m proud of contributing with this blog.