Marin Headlands for the Win!

There’s something purely magical in looking at San Francisco from across the Golden Gate Bridge in the Marin Headlands! You know the hustle and bustle is all right there, but you can’t hear it and you are truly astounded by the beautiful blend of nature and city and immediately think, “wow, rent check worth it!”

We lucked out with a seriously sunny and warm late January day. Arriving at lunch time, we traveled through the one-lane tunnel straight up to Battery Wallace where the kids could stretch their legs and we could eat at the picnic tables while watching ships and kayakers come in and out of the Bay. There were several tables, barbecues for you to use, grassy areas, clean restrooms and parking right there. I haven’t been to a more scenic picnic spot in all my life.


After lunch we headed to Point Bonita Lighthouse. Open Saturday – Monday from 12:30 – 3:30PM, the lighthouse is a half-mile hike from the trailhead (which was probably a quarter-mile downhill from the picnic area). It’s in full sun and it’s steep in places on the way back, but absolutely doable for both young and old (or even people in high-heels and dresses) and has several points where you can move aside and rest on a bench and enjoy the view or read a little history about the place or the wildlife in the waters below. The path gets more narrow and goes from paved to dirt, winding you down thru a hand-hewn rock tunnel to the suspension bridge that, somewhat terrifyingly, leads you out to the lighthouse.

The best way to end this beautiful day is relaxing on the beach. Walking on after you get back to the beginning of the trailhead, you will pass the YMCA on your left and come to a parking lot from which you can take the short 0.2 mile South Rodeo Beach Trail down to Rodeo Cove. Here you can enjoy surfers, people fishing, dogs playing and the birds and ducks in Rodeo Lagoon.

Marin Headlands offers everything: stunning views, hiking/biking/running trails, camping, beaches, wildlife, history. It’s good for your spirit, it’s like a cleanse. You see the city in a different light, different than the fast-paced work life you experience there and you just shake your head in disbelief at the beauty you’re lucky enough to be a part of.

Anyone have any favorite trails here? We will definitely be going back soon for more!

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